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Property Management

MetroPlains Management, LLC strives to meet the goals of owners and investors while providing the best possible environment for our residents. Our approach hinges on maximizing value for all parties involved.

Leveraging Decades of Industry Experience

Since 1983, our client list has included financial institutions, private partnerships, sole owners, and affordable state and government program administers, to name a few. Today, our firm has grown to 6,100 housing units in eight states including: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Our portfolio is diverse, ranging from high-end luxury housing to tax credit and government assisted housing.

With more than 150 years of combined property management experience, our team’s expertise ranges from managing single-owner assets to complex financial and partnership structures in both rural and urban settings.

Maintaining an Unmatched Level of Quality

We see commitment, trust, reliability and communication as the foundation of every client relationship. We take pride in our work, and we meticulously structure a custom solution for each client.

By leveraging our team members’ exceptional experience, our value-based missions, and our industry-leading technology, we are agile and adaptable. As such, we’re able to offer strategic solutions in a highly competitive industry. The results we achieve for our clients and residents can largely be attributed to our dedication to excellence and our quest to add value wherever possible.

In all aspects of property management, we believe listening and responding quickly is a basic expectation, and never an exception.

The result: minimum vacancies, maximized profits, and satisfied customers.

To learn more about our approach to property management, please contact Tammy Burtness at 701-232-1887 or via email.

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