Jamestown Court Rowhomes

Jamestown Court Rowhomes is scheduled to open April 1, which will bring 24 more units of affordable senior housing to Jamestown.

Jamestown Court Rowhomes is scheduled to open April 1, which will bring 24 more units of affordable senior housing to Jamestown.

“These are really desirable places to live,” said Jamie Hager, regional manager for Metroplains Management LLC, the developer of the project at 217 4th Ave. SE.

The Rowhomes are designed for independent living with access to a community setting. The idea was to provide a comfortable and carefree space for residents who have left larger homes and farms for something smaller after retiring. It is not assisted living, but Metroplains Management handles all the common property, Hager said.

The single-level project for residents ages 55 and older has 14 one-bedroom and 10 two-bedroom units with 16 garages and off-street parking. Each unit has a 12-foot ceiling, a private patio entrance and an inside door to a common hallway.

Four units are fully accessible for people with disabilities.

“This is what seniors want,” Hager said. “They want to live in an easily accessible unit and have the ability to interact with their neighbors.”

Each unit has Energy Star-rated appliances — a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program efficiency rating to save money by using less energy. These include efficient boiler heating systems, low-flow water and LED (light-emitting diode) lighting, along with glass-top stoves, island kitchens, custom cabinets, washer and dryer and storage rooms.

The appliances and amenities are the same that a new house would have, Hager said.

A 5-foot elevation change in the center of the property was transformed into a courtyard area that will have trees, natural grasses, patio chairs, benches and paver bricks.

Inside common areas include a community room with a full kitchen, fireplace, television and WiFi, he said. There is also a card-playing room and an office for third-party organizations to provide health and social services on site.

“We want to create community, that is our goal here,” he said. “Everybody says that but you need to build your structure and have a team in place for them to be able to achieve that.”

Metroplains LLC is the ownership group, and the project was financed through Wells Fargo, Hager said. North Dakota Housing and Finance Agency’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit program and its Housing Incentive Fund made it possible for Rowhomes to be built as a tax-credit property, he said.

There are seven one- and two-bedroom units available for $369 a month for people earning under $14,790 a year, he said, with all utilities included except for electricity. The remaining units are $625 for a one bedroom and $795 for a two bedroom for those with a household income of less than $29,580 a year.

“When you have all these low-priced units you are not getting the same rent structure as the properties that can afford to maintain the project,” Hager said. “You need that community involvement to make things happen when they are not standard properties and require a lot of additional work.”

Occupancy numbers show a definite need for senior housing in the area, he said. The Rowhomes are half full, and the existing Metroplains Management properties in Jamestown — Hilltop Villa, James House and Post House — maintain around a 99 percent occupancy rate with adjusted income rentals, he said.

“We have 120 units in town already with a senior component,” he said. “I definitely think the market is softening a little bit but we have seen some pretty good demand.”

Jamestown approved a Renaissance Zone application that provided a tax abatement for the Rowhomes project to go forward, he said, as there are other properties in town with higher rent levels that can serve with the program.

“The city of Jamestown has been very helpful in getting this project started and completed,” Hager said. “We worked closely with David Klein (Stutsman County Housing Authority executive director) in Jamestown to provide seven units that qualify under his voucher program, and Mayor Katie (Andersen) helped us quite a bit.”

Community Contractors is expected to have construction completed by April. An open house will likely be scheduled for May, he said.

For more information or a showing: call Karmen Stroh, Jamestown manager for MetroPlains Management, at 252-5215.

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