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ND Champions Of Affordable Housing Honored

The Property Management award recognizes either an individual property manager or a property management company that oversees affordable rental housing administered by NDHFA. MetroPlains Management, LLC of Fargo, ND, received the award for the outstanding work it does managing the more than 50 NDHFA properties in its rental portfolio.

MetroPlains Management has been managing affordable housing for over 35 years in North Dakota. At MetroPlains Management we agree with Theodore Roosevelt’s statement “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”. At times managing the residents, the physical asset and the many government regulations can be quite challenging. However, in the end we are all honored to say we have made a difference in a person’s life and in the community. Managing affordable housing is work worth doing!

Dedicated employees are the key to a successful organization. We are proud to say that our executive staff have over 200+ years in property management experience and have worked together at for least 15+ years at MetroPlains Management. We are also proud to say that our employees developed our Mission Statement “Passionate about People, Committed to Growth, MetroPlains Management strives to be the Industry Leader in Affordable Housing through Integrity, Superior Service, Energy Conservation and Community Building.” We are passionate about our residents and our employees and strive to be the best in managing affordable housing. Working hard with people you respect and admire is work worth doing!

Embracing technology and change are key components of MetroPlains Management. We continually ask ourselves, how can we make living in affordable housing more convenient for our residents? Offering on-line services to our residents such as paying rent, requesting maintenance to implementing online tours of our apartment buildings are additional services offered for our residents. Our long-term goal is to collaborate with our resident online in the annual recertification process. The many residents we have served over the years that have moved on and out of affordable housing to new careers or to purchasing homes is impressive. The many success stories bring a feeling of a “job well done” to all of us here at MetroPlains Management.

At MetroPlains Management affordable housing is far and away work worth doing!

Photo credit: Layn Mudder, LPT Images