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Asset Management

By overseeing property operations and monitoring marketplace trends, MetroPlains Management positions each asset for long-term success.

Keeping Property Performance on Track

Our financial and real estate professionals hold management accountable while overseeing cash flow, market intelligence and occupancy. In doing so, we regularly evaluate the financial structure of properties within our portfolio to make sure investments—such as capital expenditures—are garnering the right returns. And because the value of an investment goes beyond the dollar sign, we routinely request feedback from residents to gauge community benefits.

Staying in Compliance with Regulations

Falling out of compliance can lead to significant legal and financial repercussions, including the loss of valuable tax credits. This is why compliance oversight is a critical component of our asset management approach. In addition to monitoring compliance with local, state and federal housing regulations, we are always looking out for additional tax benefits.

Taking Steps to Safeguard Each Asset

Part of maximizing an asset’s value for all stakeholders—residents, investors and taxpayers—is taking steps to safeguard it for the future. To do so, we proactively address issues and strategically plan for capital improvements and energy efficiencies. And when issues such as property damage arise, we negotiate with insurance representatives to make sure the asset is fully protected.

To learn more about our Asset Management services, please contact Jean Huwe at 651-523-1233.